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Sleep- A body healing mechanism that improves our health

Some of you might even wonder is sleeping necessary? The answer is yes! Sleep is essential for all living organisms, and it has a direct impact on their health.  It helps in maintaining the balance in the human body. Any defects in sleep would result in various diseases in an individual. Sleep could simply be referred as the state in which one’s body undergoes the process of repairing. Thus it becomes essential to have a proper good sleep. In order to get a proper sleep, there are various technologies that are introduced in the market; one of such would include advanced pillows, bed, and mattresses. There are best mattresses manufacturers who are involved in this kind of work. Similarly, every company advertises the products on their website in order to provide a customer the detailed description of their product.

Improper sleep would result in side effects!

Sleep has various types and it is different in different species. In certain species like bears, they undergo hibernation which is a winter sleep during which the animal’s body is in dormant state it does not require any food , similarly, in certain reptiles Aestivation is followed in which the animals sleeps in shady region during summer, here it reduces its metabolic rate thus maintaining cold in their blood. In humans, it can be classified into rapid eye movement sleep and deep sleep. In rem sleep, a person undergoes a sleeping cycle for every 90 minutes, followed by the deep sleep. It has been found that most of the living organisms follow circadian cycle which is a biological clock that runs for a period of 24 hours and stimulates the body responses corresponding to the surrounding environmental factors. And certain hormones are produced only in the sleep phase of humans which will not be formed during the day time or when a person is awake. Any changes in this sleep will have adverse side effects on a health of an individual.

 Humans face various diseases due to their changed lifestyle and business routine. In order to overcome these side effects, there are various technologies being adopted, one of them is improved pillows and mattresses, they are made up of memory foam which is temperature and pressure sensitive and is capable of adjusting. And, the highly cooled gel is placed on this foam to provide the comfort to the users. These are initially used in hospitals, but nowadays they are available in various online stores for domestic purposes as they are found to be effective. These foams are produced to provide comfort to the spine and other bones in the human body by maintaining the neutral position in the bed even if the individual changes their sleep gesture. Though there are various stores available care must be taken in selecting the stores and detailed description of the products should be read before purchasing. Selecting the appropriate mattresses and pillows can also lead you to a healthy life.

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