Role of technology by the police in criminal proceedings

Technology has been revolutionizing the way work is done today. It is imperative for the police today to buckle up and keep up to date with technology. New crimes have evolved, and police have to adapt to the ways of tackling the new cyber-crimes. Data theft, cyber hacking, IoT hacking, website spoofing, etc., are examples of high-tech crimes committed today.

How has technology advanced to ensure faster investigation?

CCTV is now being used in public places to know if any crime has happened anywhere. The National Police Association is training the police force to use advanced gadgets while tracking the criminals. Further, CCTVs are easy devices where the events are recorded and can be easily retrieved later. In the same way, digital forensics has also started providing accurate results. It is used for investigating not just criminal matters but civil matters as well.

National Police Association

Electronic identification is the way police can quickly identify a person. Secondly, the tracking can be done across various routes. It can be through PAN, mobile number, etc. GPS is yet another navigation system to help in location tracking.

Does technology provide a fair trial to the criminal proceedings?

The use of technology has given fair trials in court. The National Police Association makes sure that every citizen gets equal rights to say his side. A fair trial only leads to access to justice. Technology turns to be a tremendous boon to humanity. Technology has sped up the speed of police work. Besides, it requires strict and proper regulation to keep everything in check.


The present era cannot think of a day without technology. Many technologies are used, but upgradation is always required. It is terrible to misuse technologies and gives fake accounts. It is best to formulate a legislature to stop unnecessary instances.