Understand more about sd wan solutions

SD WAN solutions enable you to abstract from underlying connection technologies and control and prioritize data streams in an efficient manner. The number of branch offices to be connected, as well as the number of data centres in operation, are unimportant. The system’s modular structure, along with a well-thought-out design, results in a solution that is adaptive on the one hand, while still enabling standard SD-WAN networking ideas, performance, high availability, and cost-optimization on the other.

SD WAN licensing is straightforward and scalable since the customer may determine what he needs and when he needs it by simply adding the necessary licenses to the modules he wants to acquire when needed.

As a result, the Base, Controller, and Visualizer are distinct products that are part of the overall solution that the customer can acquire and activate at their own pace via specific licenses, allowing them to evolve their network from a purely MPLS base to the various levels of sophistication and functionality of a fully SD-WAN network.


The “Base” module serves as the overall solution’s foundation. Because of the ability of individual use, a network infrastructure can be operated using traditional ideas. It is able to perform mass operations such as software or configuration distributions as well as zero-touch deployments. Any number of branch offices can be securely and reliably rolled out in a single step using the automatic provisioning technique.


The “Controller” module orchestrates the SD-WAN solution technique employer creates the network abstraction level, the overlay, which is automatically and securely encrypted, decreasing complexity while optimizing and managing data flow, particularly at the application level. This ensures that business-critical applications are always supplied at the highest possible performance and with little or no utilization of pricey MPLS connections, while accessing all of Base’s vast management capabilities.


The Visualizer module serves as the solution’s eyes and ears. It permits extensive recognition and analysis of the system’s many data streams. Even at the application level, it can easily distinguish between services and data flows. Fully customizable dashboards provide the most in-depth insight possible, enabling accurate problem analysis and proactive prevention of emerging sources of error, such as improper or unauthorized network use, and detect possible internal or external attacks, providing information about IPs traffic and country, organization non-used protocols, or unexpected increase in bandwidth consumed.

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